We never wanted to give much thought at the beginning of this journey as to how long it might last. While there have been days when it seems like an eternity, the progress that Mary has made continues to bolster our faith, hope and trust in Jesus’ healing grace.  It doesn’t seem like a cross at all when we hear Mary’s laughter and consider that we have experienced God’s boundless love - enveloped by our family, friends, church and community.

We feel called to perpetuate that love, just as Jesus told his disciples after the parable of the Good Samaritan, “Go and do likewise.”  Our experience has inspired our determination to help others facing similar situations – to create an organization which will focus on helping others transition through these life-changing experiences in some of the same ways that we have been helped.

Moved by Mary’s courage, perseverance, determined will, and the number of miracles we have already witnessed, we decided the name of the organization would honor her. Somehow and in some way, through the love we share, those same kinds of miracles will happen for others.

God is good…all the time!

-The Drake Family

Our Mission

"Providing compassion and alternatives for care in overcoming the effects of traumatic brain injuries"